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Boot_2.0 für PS2 , PS und PSONE Sogar VCD und DivX für PS2 ???


Importierte bzw. gebrannte "Sicherheitskopie" Games ?? [code]bootcd_2.0.exe Ver. 2.0 by: da-expert This program enables you to play any import or backup games in CD format only, on your PS2, PS & PSONE! *PAL to NTSC selector! *Play all imports from any country! *Play any back-up copy! *Use on PS2, PS & PSONE! This is better than any mod-chip will ever be.[/code] stimmt es ????? oder braucht mann da trotz dem ein chip für ???? --------------------------------------- VCD und DivX ?? [code]Ps2 VCD/DivX Player Ver. 1.1 Finally you can play your VCDs and AVI's right on your PS2 console ! *Play ANY VCD or AVI using the (C)Divx codec *Use your controller as a remote (NO PS2 REMOTE NEEDED!) *Divx 4.12 ported directly to PS2 by Da-Expert. *Supports both NTSC/PAL (Selector) ------------- This is simple to burn and use, just load the .cue file into CDRWIN and burn onto a blank CDR. Then with your modchipped PS2 load it up & boot ! This file is NOT a self booter so if you don't have a modchip grab a copy of my bootcd. Burn at 1x speed (no faster !!) ------------------------ VCD Controller Functions ------------------------ X = Play O - Stop R1 = Rewind L1 = Forward Start = Pause R2 = Bring up the Divx Menu L2 = Bring up the PS2 VCD Main Menu (options) -------- History: 1.1 Made a few small chnages, abd fixed that menu bug ;) 1.0 First release :)[/code] ist das überhaupt möglich ????

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