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I need some of the best VPN App. Please recommend me the best VPN App.

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Beantwortet von computerschrat Profi (32.3k Punkte)
Hi malikinstaberry,

the safety level of a VPN connection mostly depends on the VPN server that operates as a kind of relay between your device and the other end of the connection. Communication between your device and the VPN server is encrypted and should be safe. On the VPN server the data stream is decrypted and from here to the end of your connection date is not encrypted. That means that the operator of the VPN server potentially has access to the entire content of your communication unless the end-to end- connection is encrypted e.g. a HTTPS-connection.

So looking for a safe VPN client you should check if you can trust the server that is behind the VPN connection. That of course depends mainly on the operator of that service and where his servers are located.

Regards computerschrat