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Hi, I have a few questions on my Access 2000 program can anyone please help me with the answers: 1. I would like my Forms to open with a new blank record rather than always opening showing the first record. The temptation is always to overwrite the record shown. 2. I would like to be able put a value in one of the Fields that will then replicate to the next record and continue to do so until the value changed. Then the new value will continue to replicate and so on. 3. In new records only I would like the current date to be automatically inserted in the Date field and stored so that if the record is reviewed later the date originally inserted does not change to the current. 4. With queries you can set parameters for reports. I would like to be able to change the value of the parameter without always having first to go to design view. For example the report may be based on selected time frames so the same report would be used but the date parameter would be different. At one time I accidentally got a "Parameter Value" box to pop up when I tried to open my report in Preview. How can I deliberately do this? Thanks for effort and help.

Antwort 1 von JanVer

1. Set DataEntry in your Form "YES", then the user is only able to add ne records

2. Check out DefaultValue for the fields in your form. As soon as the user changes a value in teh field, you set the default-Value to the changed one.

3. DefaultValue in your form will do that. It is stored in the table, when the user adds and stores a new record.

4 Set the Filter in your form and don't forget to set the value FilterOn to TRUE