Welche Grafikkarten unterstützen zwei Bildschirme unter Windows 98 ? Stand 10.6.98

Required Hardware for Multiple-Monitors

Any combination of the following supported PCI-based
cards can be used with multiple-monitors. Only cards
based on the following chipsets work as secondary cards.

NOTE: You also need to use the specified driver.

– The following drivers are supported by Microsoft and
are included on the Windows 98 CD:

Card Driver
ATI Mach 64 GX (GX, GXD, VT) ATIM64.drv
ATI Graphics Pro Turbo PCI
ATI Graphics Xpression
ATI WinTurbo

ATI Rage I, II, & II+ ATI_M64.drv
ATI All-In-Wonder
ATI 3D Xpression+ PC2TV
ATI 3D Xpression
ATI 3D Xpression+

ATI Rage Pro (AGP & PCI) ATIR3.drv
ATI Xpert@Work, 4 & 8 MB
ATI Xpert@Play, 4 & 8 MB
ATI All-In-Wonder Pro

S3 765 (Trio64V+) S3MM.drv

Only certain updates work. These are 40, 42, 43,
44, 52, 53, & 54.

NOTE: If the card is at one of these updates, then
Windows 98 will recognize the card as a Trio 64V+,
provided the Microsoft driver is used. If the card
is not at one of these updates, then it is recognized
as a Trio 32/64. Some OEM drivers don’t care which
update is present; be sure to note carefully which
Microsoft driver Windows 98 selects when you use
this card.

S3 Trio64V2(DX/GX) S3MM.drv
Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001
STB PowerGraph 64V+
Miro TwinHead 22SD
Hercules Terminator 64/Video
Number Nine 9FX Reality 332
(S3 Virge)
Number Nine 9FX Reality 334
(S3 Virge GX/2)
Number Nine 9FX Reality 772
(S3 Virge VX)
California Graphics V2/DX
Videologic GraphicsStar 410

Cirrus 5436 CIRRUSMM.drv
Cirrus Alpine

Cirrus 5446 CIRRUSMM.drv
STB Nitro 64V

S3 ViRGE S3V.drv
(ViRGE (325)
ViRGE VX (988)
ViRGE DX (385)
ViRGE GX (385))
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000
Diamond Stealth 3D 3000
Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Pro
Number Nine 9FX Reality 332
STB Nitro 3D
STB Powergraph 3D
STB Velocity 3D
STB WorkStation (2 & 4 output)
Miro Crystal VR4000

ET6000 ET6000.drv
Hercules Dynamite 128/Video
STB Lightspeed 128

S3 Aurora S3MM.drv
Compaq Armada

Trident 9685/9680/9682 TRID_PCI.DRV
Jaton Video – 57P

– The following driver is located in the
C:\Windows\System32\drivers directory:

InterGraphics Systems (IGS) IGA2K.DRV
CyberPro 2000A, 2MB

– The following drivers are available directly from
the vendor and work in multiple-monitor systems.
These drivers are not supported by Microsoft.

Permedia 2 GLINT.DRV
TI TVP4020, 8 meg PCI
(Reference board)
TI TVP4020 8 meg AGP
(Reference board)
Diamond Fire GL Pro 1000 PCI
Diamond Fire GL Pro 1000 AGP
STB (Symmetric) Glyder MAX-2 PCI

To download this driver used with these cards, visit
the Web site at http://www.3dlabs.com

In addition, newer cards and drivers that were not
available when Windows 98 was developed may also
support multiple-monitors. Consult the vendor
documentation or contact the vendor to determine
whether your card and drivers support multiple-monitors.