Wie kann ich den Dateiexplorer dazu bringen nicht immer den Inhalt von c: an zu zeigen ? Explorer [/e,][/root,<object>,] [[<folder>]| [/select,
<sub object>]]

/e Use Explorer view (scope and results
pane view).
The default is open view (results in
pane view only).

/root<object> Specify the object in the „normal“ name
space that is used as the root (top level)
for Windows Explorer. The default is the
Desktop folder.

/select The parent folder opens and the specified
object is selected.

<sub object> The folder or file that Windows Explorer
opens. If the /select switch is used, the
sub object is highlighted. If the /select
switch is not used, the folder or file opens
in Explorer. The default is the root<object>.

Examples: Explorer /e, /root, \Reports
Opens an Explorer window at \Reports.

Explorer /select, C:WindowsCalc.exe
Opens a folder at C:Windows (or activates
one that is currently open), and selects